Dorian Blue

Storytelling & Embodied Knowledge

Our bodies hold the deepest of our stories: our beginnings, our ancestry, our secrets, and our roots.


Using trauma-informed somatic movement practices, I collaborate clients within a nurturing container where they can fully acknowledge and embody their personal truth.

What stories are you holding?

Green Ivy on Stone Wall

Liberation for Every Body

Ancestral Poetics
Somatic Liberation 
Embodied Movement
Earth-based Medicines

Through 1:1 sessions and group offerings, I guide clients to the mastery of their embodied truth using somatic movement.


My practice combines trauma--informed methods with embodied movement and herbal support to assist clients in connecting to their embodied truth. 


About Dorian Blue

Dorian Blue is an embodied storyteller & somatic practitioner currently based on unceded Piscataway land, otherwise known as the region of Washington, DC. 

Dorian Blue is a Liberation Practitioner, Embodied Storyteller, and Founder of The Liberation Garden. Dorian Blue blends 9 years of study and practice in the arenas of multidisciplinary storytelling with trauma-informed arts models, generations of ancestral knowledge, and earth-based medicine. All service offerings prioritize BIPOC communities, LGBTQ+ individuals, survivors of trauma, and individuals struggling with chronic conditions.

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