Gender-inclusive boudoir photography


BARE is an LGBT-focused photography series that focuses on power dynamics of sexual freedom. The BARE Project was first conceptualized as a recurring boudoir series that was designed to uplift all bodies, genders, and identities.


Blueboy Photography is committed to supporting LGBTQ-focused

performance, unconventional narratives, and inclusive spaces for all bodies. 

We know firsthand that queer bodies exist beautifully outside the norms of

our society,  that's why BARE is organized as a safe space for bodies

that are fat, transgender, queer, kinky, and living in grateful defiance.


What started as a recurring  boudoir event is now an ongoing project,

which is facilitated by Blueboy Photography with the purpose of

documenting the unapologetic power in queer bodies.

The BARE Project gives space to reclaim sexual power, affirm individuality,

and prioritize marginalized narratives through expressive portraits. 

As of October 2018, Blueboy Photography has closed the BARE Event Series

to the public, until further notice. We are still providing partially-subsidized

 modelling sessions for the BARE Project, on a rolling basis.

Please contact us directly for more information on our

criteria and availability. 


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