Blueboy Photography

Vividly colorful. Timelessly evocative. Electric with wonder.

Blueboy Photography is a DC-based media company that provides stunning portraits, targeted marketing, and visual storytelling services to small businesses and local brands. All of our work strives to break through social conventions, uplift marginalized narratives, and advance community in the DC Metro Area.

Our Story

Dorian Blue (they/them) launched Blueboy Photography with the conviction that community should be as fluid and accessible as our digital age. Our media team specializes in story-based marketing strategies that are evocative, inclusive, and intimate. Whether you're looking to produce a photo-based campaign, book event coverage, or order commercial photos, we're committed to story-based that promotes radically inclusive community. Are you ready to revolutionize connection? 

Commercial Photography


Commercial Photography

Blueboy Photography provides targeted, inclusive marketing that connects small businesses to their community. Dorian Blue specializes in story-centric visual marketing strategies that are evocative, inclusive, and intimate. Whether your brand is looking to produce a photo-based campaign, hire for event coverage, or purchase commercial photography, we're committed to creating content that brings you closer to your audience and your mission. 

 Our Packages

At Blueboy Photography, we strive to provide accessible content to meet the needs of your audience. We know that no small business is the same; that's why each of our clients receives exclusive and unique content to boost their brand's success. Every photography package is tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. To discuss our commercial packages, contact us directly for a quote or book a consultation.