Embodied Somatics

My approach to somatic awareness combines herbal knowledge with intentional movement and trauma-informed self-regulation models. 

As a Liberation Practitioner, I combine earth-based medicine and embodied knowledge to guide clients through self-treatment that balances and strengthens the spirit as well as the body.

Within my practice, we use liberation-focused treatment methods that connect us back to our bodies and root us deeper into the earth, with respect to the cultural knowledge of the spaces that we inhabit.

Trained in embodied dance and multidisciplinary storytelling.

Background as a multidisicplinary artist and visual storyteller.

Storytelling rooted in community resilience and interdependence.

Herb Infused Oils

Somatic Liberation Resources

The Liberation Garden

The Liberation Garden was founded on a simple praxis: all bodies deserve to be free. Because of the harsh and unjust historical, structural, and socio-ecomical conditions that Black and Indigenous bodies have encountered, these communities are disproportionately affected by health conditions made worse through chronic stress and generational trauma.

We created The Liberation Garden to provide somatic tools and embodiment resources at accessible levels to BIPOC communities because we understand that healing can often be priced at inaccessible rates, while remaining necessary and pivotal to our collective healing. The Liberation Garden was created to bridge the gap between healing resources and the BIPOC communities in need of deep care.

Fearlessly In Bloom

Fearlessly in Bloom is an artistic space that supports healing justice for all bodies, and this artistic space is also home to The Liberation Garden.

In a cultural moment where Black identity is often appropriated as a trend, Fearlessly in Bloom creates a space where Black Joy can be celebrated by culture-bearers and allies alike. One of the best ways that allies can support our work towards Black Liberation is by donating directly to The Liberation Fund, which directly supports all work happening through The Liberation Garden.

All store proceeds from Fearlessly in Bloom directly support the management & organizing behind The Liberation Garden, as well as helping to fund and support other liberation-based work. 

The Liberation Fund

All of our work centers the healing and experiences of Black and Indigenous people of color. We welcome all allies to purchase from Fearlessly in Bloom, and we welcome donations of all sizes to The Liberation Fund.

All donations to The Liberation Fund are applied directly towards healing programming & services for BIPOC communities. Learn more about The Liberation Fund and donate here.

Frozen Forest