Young Womxn

Updated: Apr 30, 2020


stay in your lane.”

microaggressions hit like well-aimed knives

under unstable armor

catcalls turned into spiked cortisol,

hurrying home under city street lights

late nights at the metro leave me breathless

as train delays leave me waiting for 20, 30

minutes to get back to my safe house

I pray to gods I don’t believe in,

I beg for one more safe night ride


stay in your lane

under the cover of evening

it’s unrealistic to fight misnomers

identity like egg yolk,

running over unexacting fingers

dripping through cracked shells

between fear-splattered nights I dodge

what it means to be on neither side

nonbinary warriors forge forward,

exploring the viability of life

on no-man’s land

we root new meetings in selfhood

we bury seeds in ravaged soil

on the battlefield between manhood and womanhood,

I wave my white flag.


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